Alegeri sociale: Obtinere buletin de vot
23. April 2017
Kraillinger wirbt für die Sozialwahl
24. April 2017
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Social Elections: Election voters received

If you receive election documents within the next few days, you are entitled to vote with more than 50 million others.

The ballots will be sent from 25.04.2017 till 11.05.2017.

We would be pleased if you gave us your vote: You are important to us as an insured person in the German Federal Pension Insurance (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund) and in the DAK-Gesundheit. As an insured representation, we pursue the same interests as you: security and reliability in health insurance and pension insurance.

Information in your language is available here: Social elections at a glance: Our choice for pensions and health

Please support the DAK-Mitgliedergemeinschaft (DAK members‘ association) with a cross.
Position/ list 1 at DAK-Gesundheit and position /list 8 at Deutschen Rentenversicherung Bund.

Sozialwahl Wahlablauf

And so it goes:

If you have received the electoral documents („Ihre persönlichen Wahlunterlagen“):

  • 1. Separate the white personal letter from the red „electoral envelope“ („Wahlbriefumschlag“)
  • 2. Tick the DAK-Mitgliedergemeinschaft on the ballot („Stimmzettel“):
    List 1 on the blue ballot at DAK-Gesundheit
    and/ or
    List 8 on the the white ballot at Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund
  • 3. Place the only the ballot in the red electroal envelope
  • 4. Close the electoral envelope and drop it into the next mail box without a stamp

Social election 2017: Your cross for the DAK members‘ community



Die DAK-Mitgliedergemeinschaft dankt Frau Anne Kelle aus Detmold für Ihre Übersetzung

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